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The Saint Petersburg Alphabet. The informal guidebook

Автор: Kolovskaya Sofia
Издательство: Питер
Год издания: 2022
ISBN: 978-5-00116-650-4
Серия: Неформальный путеводитель
627 руб. Купить
Sofia Kolovskaya is an author, comic book writer and creator of the VK public page One day One sketch, with her own vision of St. Petersburg’s sights and attractions. Following a successful exhibition in the cultural space Loft Project ETAGI, her works from The Saint Petersburg Alphabet series developed into this guidebook. — Where in Saint Petersburg can polar lights be seen? — Which places are a must-see for graphic novel and comic book lovers? — How does a flea market work? — Where can I taste the delicious Lemon Pie cocktail? Unique Saint Petersburg, hand-drawn by Sofia Kolovskaya, is a heartwarming stroll through both strange and familiar places.

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